Makin’ IT Rain


It’s Summertime!! Like most of you, my kids are out of school  which means we usually hit the road and take a little vacay. Over the years as our crew has grown I have learned to save money where I can so that we can splurge on the things that we like most (i.e. outlet shopping, it’s a sport :)). Here are a few tips on saving while makin’ it rain (you can do both). Book in advance: I can’t stress this one enough. Spur of the moment trips are gonnaRead More

Win a 7 day Cruise


Enter Little Passports’ Caribbean Sail Away Sweepstakes for a chance to win a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise for a family of four. The prize package consists of an airfare voucher and $500 worth of merchandise from Total value of the prize is over $4,500. {US Only, 21+, Single Entry, Ends June 30, 2015} Click the link below to enter.   Click here to enter

Speak Up… I can’t hear you


Be willing to confront your husband in love. Too many wives mistakenly believe they are following the biblical pattern of submission by ignoring or denying deficits in their husband’s life. But being submissive does not mean being silent. It simply means being wise and loving in how you approach him, treating him with kindness and respect.

I’m Back!!

I’ve been away from blogging for a while and must say that I missed it. I have a new direction that I’d like to take it and a ton of ideas…thanks for taking this ride with me. Hustle Hard, Myesha

A Happy Home

I Love Luther! Having a happy home may mean something different to each woman but I’m sure every woman will agree that it is not possible if we are not happy within. How can you be a supportive wife and mother when you feel unfulfilled and purposeless?  Everyone serves a purpose it’s just a matter of finding it. Think about what you enjoy doing and find a way to incorporate it into your daily routine.  Think Simple now has a great exercise on finding your purpose. Tina Su the authorRead More

In Spite Of

In Spite Of After the rings have been exchanged and the honeymoon is over, the reality of everyday life with all of it’s challenges begins to sink in. It is in the everyday that our devotion and commitments are tested. How we react to them will set the tone of not only our marriages but also our relationships with our family and friends. It easy to love, be attentive and romantic when everything in our life is going as planned. How do you react when thrown off course? Whenever IRead More


Never send him out hungry! “UhUh, I gotta go! Cut it out; give your man what he dreams about. T-shirt and some heels on while he chase you all around the house!”-Tamar Braxton Hot Sugar. Ok Ladies, I have been guilty of doing this very thing. You are tired or busy and the hubby comes in the room with that look on his face and you think “Dang”. Then I realize that it’s a blessing that my husband is still in love with his wife and turning to me as heRead More